disability awareness program

To help schools and parents empower children to appreciate differences in others and in themselves to create an atmosphere of empathy, inclusion, and respect. The DisAbility Awareness Program (DAP) is a fun, fast paced learning experience with a powerful anti-bullying and acceptance message that really hits home. Children develop higher level thinking and realize they have the power to help create a world where everyone belongs.

Cost and Schedule:
The DAP runs 2.5 - 3.5 hours depending on the number of students. A budget of $15 - 25 per student is typical.

Additional Information:
The DAP is appropriate for a single classroom, a grade level or the whole school at the elementary, middle or high school level. Several adult volunteers will be utilized for small group attention and safety. Sensory pathway customization is available to add to your program to help your students thrive!

What you can expect

  • Customized program options
  • Multiple learning strategies
  • Visual presentation
  • Small group hands-on stations
  • Discussions on everyday life impact
  • Problem solving for handling difficult situations
  • Guest speaker sharing their personal story and answering questions
  • Opportunity for students to voice themselves
  • Informational take homepacket for family discussion
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what people have to say about our program:

“This program initiated an essential conversation between children about differences and the ways in which we are all similar. It has created an entry point with our children to show them that kids with disabilities also love to do things that they love todo! I can't say enough about this amazing program and director. I hope all Bay Area schools invite this profound learning opportunity."-Susanna Long, Third grade teacher at Hillbrook School

“What a program! The children got to personally experience challenge and walk away with a better understanding of different learning and physical disabilities. Thank you fordoing this!”-Niki Omidi, Parent of grade 4 and 2 at Harker School

 “Amazing! This helped our students develop greater empathy and compassion for others. This is one of the best interactive experiences we have had – we need to do this every year!”-Heather Russell, 5thgrade teacher at Harker School  

“It really made me realize what people with disabilities are going through. I loved it!”-Fiona Yan, 5thgrade student at Harker School  

“It was really informational and I liked the hands on feel of the stations.”-Megan Lin, 5thgrade student at Harker School 

“I love that you got to experience what people with disabilities go though in the stations. My favorite station was the attention and learning challenge, I really understood after doing it.”-Teagan M., 5thgrade student at Harker school 

“I think having Jacoband Amir (guest speakers) was a great addition to the hands-on program. The children enjoyed listening to them and asking questions. Well organized andage-appropriate.”-Kristin Giammona, Principal at Harker School 

I think this was a great opportunity to learn about challenges, empathy, etc. So many teachable moments for the kids to open their eyes and look “outside” their own box. I loved it.”-Walid Fahmy, Dean at Harker School  

“I loved this event. As a teacher I think it is invaluable to learn about people of all abilities. My mom was a special education teacher for years and I am so grateful that my students could get a glimpse into the lives of other children. The hands on activities made the learning memorable.”-       Kellie Binney-smart, 4th and 5thgrade teacher at Harker School  

“It was cool to seehow I would be if I had a disability. I felt bad for the people who have disabilitiesnow I can feel and understand how it is like. I liked that we could experiencewhat it is like for kids with disabilities.”-Veedika Deoras, 5thgrade student at Harker School 

“I liked all thestations because it made me understand how kids with disabilities might feel. Isaw that the guest speakers with disabilities are AWESOME! And I really thoughtthat the stations were really fun too, good job!”-Clara Y., 5thgrade student at Harker School  

“I loved meeting thespeakers and learning about their disabilities.”
-Emma W., 5thgrade student at Harker

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