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Recovery is a crucial for optimal performance and well-being of an athlete. It is also the most overlooked aspect for high school athletes and active adults.

The goal of our recovery services is to help you decrease post-workout or post-game soreness, decrease muscle fatigue, and get to your next workout feeling fresher. 

Get the PRO treatment and let us help you relax, recover, and come back even stronger.

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The leader in massage guns, vibrating foam rollers, and vibrating massage balls are all available to help get every sore muscle in your body feeling better and will get you ready to train at your peak
After long runs or a long workout ,your arms and legs feel heavy and tired. Not anymore! Normatec Compression therapy will help you recover from muscular soreness and decrease swelling. A 15-minute session flush will have you feeling ready for the next workout.
Alter G: 
Love running, but want less impact on your joints? The Alter G, zero gravity treadmill does just that. The machine will elevate your body and decrease your body weight from 40%-80%, so you can feel like you are running on the moon.
Blood Flow Restriction:
Get stronger with only 20% of your regular training weight! This state of the art system causes increased metabolic work for muscles, which allows your muscles to recover from the high tensile forces that are required with heavy weightlifting. The result is you get bigger and stronger, while also feeling recovered and ready for the next big lift.
Compex E-stim:
Our compex unit delivers a training recovery program that brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to flush toxins, promote healing and improve muscle function. Not only will it immediately decrease your pain, but it will also reduce soreness the next day after training.

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