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Our Performance Training Programs are designed for youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. Our programs focus on LTAD (long term athletic development), so every participant can perform like a PRO. 
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Every athlete and sport has different demands. We assess each individual’s movement quality and current level, in order to create a personalized program that will help to improve athletic performance and increase resilience to injury.
Our programs are personalized to each participant’s current level, age, and sport. We provide training 1-on-1 or in small group sessions, so each individual gets the proper attention and coaching they need.
We know each sport has its own specific demands and we ensure each program helps improve the sport specific skills for improved athletic performance.
We develop the whole athlete and focus our efforts on optimal long term results. A strong foundation is essential for long term success, as well as the development of complete athleticism.
We teach proper mechanics of fundamental movement patterns, which ensures  all participants improve their resilience to injury, so they can continue to play their sport pain free.
Training Programs Include:

+ Mobility and Flexibility – Improving athletic performance without the need for compensating movement patterns.

+ Core Stability – Creating a stable base to support efficient transfer of strength and power.

+ Strength- Building a strong foundation with: Squatting, Hip Hinging, Pushing, and Pulling.

+ Power – Developing explosive strength for improved athletic performance.

+ Speed - Improving velocity in all directions (vertical, linear, lateral speed, and rotational).

+ Agility – Mastering the ability to change direction in shorter amounts of time for any sport.

+ Conditioning – Sport specific endurance training to improve performance when it counts.

How Can We Help You?

We provide the same PRO level performance training, recovery services, and optimal fitness training to all of our participants.

Performance Training

+ Personalized Training Program for decreased risk of injury and improved athletic performance

+ Monthly progress tracking and goal review

+ Evidenced-based strength & conditioning training sessions

Recovery Services

+ Hyperice heat and vibration recovery tools

+ Alter G zero-gravity treadmill

+ Normatec compression sleeves

+ Access to PRO recovery room

Optimal Fitness

+ 1-on-1 w/ doctor of physical therapy

+ Selective Functional Movement Assessment

+ Personalized home program to restore balance and alignment

+ Optimize your movement for optimal performance

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