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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists are pediatric movement and posture specialists who provide the ultimate level of attention and specialized therapy. Realizing your child may need physical therapy can cause a parent to feel unsure, frightened and anxious about what is to come. Our physical therapists utilize current research, advanced training and over a combined 30 years of experience when working with children to help your child reach his or her maximal potential for movement and posture.

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Programs we offer for pediatric rehabilitation:

Infant Program

The first year of life is considered “Platinum Time” because young babies can make the most efficient and dramatic changes with physical therapy intervention.  Our therapists are passionate about helping babies achieve normal development of reflexes and reactions, positioning and movement.  We help babies successfully reach their milestones from birth through their first year.

Young Child Programs

Kids on the move!  Children in this age group need physical therapy assistance to master activities such as walking, running, climbing stairs and riding tricycles.  We are here to help your child be successful in areas that are important while having fun and feeling proud of themselves in their achievement.

Older Child Program

As children get older, they become even more involved in their physical therapy program.  Goals are set that are very important to your child so they become invested in their rehabilitation and take on some responsibility in their program.   Their goals may be more specific and can vary from sitting taller in their chair at school, running faster during recess or overcoming an injury and getting back to regular activities.

School-Based Physical Therapy

Kids’ Perspective Physical Therapy also provides physical therapy to children within the school setting if a child’s educational needs would benefit.  Please check with your school’s special assistance program to see if your child would qualify for physical therapy in his or her school.

Disability Awareness Program

Community Outreach is very important at Kids’ Perspective Physical Therapy.  A DisAbility Awareness Program is available to local grade schools to provide education about children who have disabilities in order to increase awareness, acceptance, and inclusion in schools and neighborhoods.  Bringing children together while respecting any differences is the goal of this program.

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